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Indoor drone flying


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About 5 years ago the old man got us all tiny RC helicopters- he used to be huge into RC planes and he always wanted a helicopter but they were so expensive, but now we've got all these cheap tiny things... I digress.

He bought everyone these tiny RC helicopters. 

I flew mine around like 5 times in total, all indoors of course, could not get the hang of it, especially turning around.

One time though I tied a long ribbon to the bottom of it and flew it above my kitty.

She tore it out of the sky.

There's a video of it somewhere, but I couldn't find it to post it.

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Quadcopters are generally much easier.  My brothers is easy to fly but can't do tricks.  Toney's(the guy on the couch) quadcopter is much harder to control but can do maneuvers.
Too bad it was too windy to fly it outside.

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