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So we had 2 new therapists start on our team last month and so far it's looking like neither is going to be a good fit but we have a big super important review thing coming up in April and need to have a full team including them 

This one dude basically does nothing. Well he does some stuff I guess but idk what we never see or talk to him. I noticed he saw one of our clients 4 times this week and 4 times last week. We even told this guy (the staff), "This client is fine. He has poor boundaries and will make it seem like he needs everything but he's fine. See him once a week then don't even talk to him again until next week." APPARENTLY THAT MEANS GO SEE THE CLIENT 4 TIMES A WEEK FOR 2 HOURS EACH TIME EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NO GODDAMN REASON AND YOU'RE RUINING EVERYONE ELSE'S EFFORTS TO SET GOOD BOUNDARIES BY DOING THAT. I went to the guys supervisor about that there's no reason to see any of our clients that much I feel like a snitch but like, don't let yourself be taken advantage of like that. 

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