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Here's the unofficially released trailer for the Dark Tower Movie


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They somehow pulled them all from Youtube in a matter of hours.  Turns out some person was smart and downloaded the video, then released it a few months after the hype died down. 


Once again, this was the trailer but they dropped it, that's why you're gonna see green screens galore in the background.  I present to you, and the midnight society... the first trailer we have of "The Gunslinger" 



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I didn't know they were making this. Probably see it out of curiosity (if it's well received,  I suppose) since the book always made me curious. I tried reading it when I was younger because I was a King fan, but I felt like his writing for a seemingly action-focused fantasy setting was much less interesting or colorful than his horror or drama stuff. Only read a chapter or so, didn't get to the kid's introduction - didn't know that was a thing. Dunno, heard Dark Tower is like a magnum opus, but what I read came off as bit more generic word selection than things like The Green Mile or The Stand. So, we'll see witb this, given I am interested.

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It's a 7 book story. 


I'll give it to you that when you're reading "The Gunslinger" you kind of stuck wondering how it's all going to piece together and what it all means. 


It's all explained later on.  I'm just going to tell you that the movie is mixing things from different books of the story.  He meets Jake in the first book but things happen, I won't go into any more detail about it. 


People are upset about it but, the ending of the story let's the movie take it's own creativity with the story... if that makes any sense. 

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