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Off the Air, the thread


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I think I'll just make this the official thread, since new episodes premiere in the next two weeks and there's already a new one now. Here's what I did for "Words"...

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New episode to close out January slash begin the new month. It airs at 4:00A today and all of this week, but it's already available at the [adult swim] website (a.k.a. where we used to go). My thoughts on it are below.


Overall, I thought this was... actually kind of an underwhelming episode. Some of the shorts featured seemed more juvenile and weird for weirdness sake, but there were a few that I liked. The bit with the dude on the train and pointy shoes was funny, as was "Word of the Day", which felt like something out of Wonder Showzen, albeit rated PG.


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Hey, they're making new ones of these. I watched "Earth" today, during a time where I was very much awake.


This was another middling episode, but good. The segment with "Mr. Madila" was probably my favorite, but it didn't really have anything to do with the episode's title and felt out of place. "Woodswimmer", on the other hand, was vintage OtA (along with the cold open) and the kind of stuff I come here for. This show is definitely at its strongest when it's just trippy visuals with cool, abstract music, and it's good to see that they haven't strayed too far from that over time.

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Ugh... make this not show up for the first few minutes again, okay?
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