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Hunter × Hunter now (1/16/17-1/20/17) on Toonami Marathon Streaming channel!


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Need to catch up on some Hunter × Hunter? This MIGHT be your chance! But something's a little off, as only FOUR episodes (21-24) are playing 2× each between reruns of Pre-Flight.


The question that now must be asked is: is this a glitch or a permanent change? It would sorta make sense, though somewhat unfortunately, if it's the latter, since going forward weekend Toonami streams will also consist of 8 "episodes" between Pre-Flights:


1/20-22: Scavengers; 6 JoJos; Scavengers encore, originally aired 12/24/16

1/27-29: DBZ Kai; Shelter; 6 DBZ Kais, originally aired 12/31/16

2/3-5: The new 8-show 2017 lineup.


If that's the case, I really wish they would just air 8 episodes between Pre-Flights since it's awfully disorienting to have just watched #24 and then be knee-jerked back to #21. But I guess, as with all things, we will see.


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Imagine being a different person in this country that actually cares about such a thing.


What the hell was up with that remark!? Actually, I DO have friends who like the shows on Toonami but they're often too busy on Saturday nights to watch them!


BTW, looks like the advanced stream at least covers #26 through #30. That's good if you want to see how the Heaven's Arena arc began and you still haven't, I guess.

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