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Unevenedge Forum Guidelines

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Hello new forum member and/or random internet surfer and welcome to the Unevenedge Forum.

Here are the forum guidelines (subject to changes and updates):


Logging In

Upon registration, you may have to wait to get approval before logging in with your new screen name

"Guests" can post on the Password Recovery board http://unevenedge.com/password-recovery/.  So, if you are having problems logging in, or would like to assist in calling attention to your approval process, you don't need a screen name to post on the Password Recovery board.

Due to the occasional spambot slipping through, we ask that you don't click any links on the Password Recovery board unless posted by an admin or moderator.


Posting and Content Guidelines:

1. User Safety:

Posting of contact information: It is recommended that you not (ever) post your contact or personal information on a message board. ESPECIALLY if some random bot you just met up and asks you for it without even getting to know you first. If you see any such post (be it a real phone number, street address, email address, etc) feel free to report said post and we will remove it as soon as we can. Even a seemingly innocent dropping of contact information in a post to a close friend can still be mined online by various entities. Just best not to under any circumstances.

External Links: It is recommended that you not (ever) click any external links to sites that you aren't familiar with. Most especially if those links seem randomly posted and unrelated to any ongoing discussion. If you suspect a malicious link, please report the post and we will remove it as quickly as we can.

Underage Users: Those users who are under 14 should not be posting here.  Any underage account will be banned immediately upon discovery.


2. Content:

Extreme/Controversial Content: We reserve the right to remove or delete any post from the board at any time. I'm hoping there won't be a huge need for that. forum members can "spoiler tag" content that may be deemed extreme, adding a "content warning" ahead of it. At that point, it's pretty much the person clicking the content's decision whether or not to view it.

Nudity Standards:  Feel free to spoiler tag your own images/videos w/content warning (save mods the trouble) if your pic or video contains male or female genitalia, or exposed anal port, or seems particularly sleezy enough for you to go "hm yeah maybe I should stick a warning on that". You may not link to porn or nudity that you know is of a person who has not granted the right for its use. If you're not sure - just don't post it.

Unspoiled content may be removed. If your content gets edited by a helpful mod to add a content warning, and you remove that content warning/spoiler tag, the post may just be deleted. Repeatedly posted unspoilered content may result in a ban.

Content can include signature, avatar/icon, attachments, etc.  All of which are subject to board guidelines and can be removed if necessary.

Ad Spam: Ad spam is not allowed on the board. If you see any ad spam, report it and we'll try to get it off the board as quickly as possible. We have some good bot filters, so it's very rare a spambot makes it to the board. But just in case, if you see something that looks like spam, don't click it. 

Content Ownership Issues: Most embedded content is hosted on other sites (such as YouTube, etc). The internet being what it is, and all the promotional and intentionally viral stuff out there, it's virtually impossible to discern what is and isn't legally accessible, that's above and beyond things posted for parody purposes, as part of a review or in an attempt to promote the work, etc. If you notice content that you own posted on the boards without permission, please let me know and I'll remove it.


3.  Civility

Different sections of the board will be treated slightly differently regarding civility and post content. 

Most sections of the board, a clear and direct insult directed at another member, instead of an idea or argument, may be removed from the board.  If a thread devolves into seemingly pointless back-and-forth arguing, or civilly breaks down, that thread may be removed from the board, or split at the point the trouble started, with that section of the thread being disposed of, or moved to the Dumpster Fires sub-board. 

  • Drama threads:  Threads that seem dramatic in nature will most likely be moved to the Editorials/Rants or Dumpster Fires board, depending upon their specific content.
  • News/Political/Debate threads:  Serious topical discussions regarding news, politics, or debate oriented discussion will likely be moved to the Editorials/Rants board.
  • Repeat threads:  Topics posted as new threads that already exist on the board that aren't part of some sudden thread title meme or trope run the risk of being deleted or merged together. 
  • Media related threads:  May be moved to their respective Media folder.

In the Rants/Editorials section, where heated debate is allowed, be advised that if you engage in debate, and/or post your opinions, those opinions will have feedback and people will post their own judgments/opinions in kind regarding you and your posted opinions.  Those may include observations of a caustic nature.  This doesn't mean anything/everything goes in that area, or that there are no rules in that area, just that there is more leeway in that area for expression of personal opinions. Purely personal insults that jump the bounds of the thread topic or are patently offensive may be removed from the board. Extreme insults such as "kill yourself" or revealing personal details maliciously, will still be removed from the board.

The Dumpster Fires sub-board is a forum where problematic threads may be moved without necessarily moving them off the whole board.  Civility rules for that section is pretty much the same as for Rants/Editorials except that topics don't necessarily have to be as coherent topically, and can exist solely for the purposes of crassness.

Media and Fan sub-boards: As we go, there will be sub boards in the entertainment section designed to provide information and discussion of specific works or artists.  In these sections, criticism is allowed, but flaming or threatening of the work or creators involved is not.  These sub-boards are designed for fans of the work or artist and/or those seeking specific information about the work or artist, and therefor, if you are not a fan, or aren't seeking information, you got no business posting and disrupting the sub-board.  Harsher criticisms can be posted on the general entertainment/Media Bastards main boards.

General harassment:  As with posts, If another member is being specifically insulted via signature, avatar, screen name, that content may be removed if reported.  parody accounts of public figures is okay.  But board members aren't technically public figures.  Any serious seeming threats against other members will result in a ban.

If a user seems to be disrupting the forum or its membership with malicious intent, that person may be banned.

Racism and slurs will not be tolerated, persistent use may result in a ban.


Forum Navigation:

The forum is divided into several sections with multiple boards in each.  Below is a list of those and the types of discussions that will show up in each.


The Welcome Section


Forum Announcements, Tips & Guidelines:  This is a read-only section for most members.  In it you will find the forum guidelines.  Also any board relevant announcements regarding anything from board features, to technical issues, to events, interesting threads, etc.  All volunteers/staff ranks (described in this post right after this navigation section) can post to this section.


Password Recovery:  A sub-board of "Forum Announcements", This is the only board on which "guests" can post.  So you can post in the Password Recovery area even without being logged in or possessing a working Screen Name.  The purposes of this is so that you can let us know if you are having problems logging in, or making a screen name so that we can help you with that.  DO NOT click any links in this area posted by "guest" screen names.  If you see any spam links dropped on this board, feel free to report those.


Forum Information, Introductions, Questions & Requests:  This is a board where forum members can find information about the boards, introduce themselves if they are new to the community, ask questions about the forum, or make requests for stuff they may want to have us do in the future, or features they'd like to have on the forum, etc.


Free-For-All:  This is a general non-serious/light chat/discussion board, where anybody can talk about anything, with the exception of threads of a political nature or those of a seemingly more serious nature heavily steeped in opinion or anger may be relocated to the Rants/Editorials area.  Drama threads may be excised to Dumpster Fires.


Rants & Editorials:  This is a general discussion board for opinion-oriented material, angry ranting, editorializing on news and political events, and things of that nature.  This board can be a little more heated than some of the others, so if you can't take the heat, don't post on the Rants/Editorials board.


Dumpster Fires:  This is a sub-board of Rants/Editorials and is the receptacle for threads that don't fit with certain guidelines in other folders/areas.  This section contains material that probably will offend just about anybody, so read at your own risk.


Special/Seasonal Boards:  Often we will have special seasonal boards in the Welcome section, these may include special boards for holidays and other things.


Aeon section


This is an ongoing series of interconnected stories, serialized, with no set drop schedule atm.  The initial book in the Aeon series is called "Menagerie", a story of entropy, disaster, adventure, loss, love, theory, separateness and oneness told through the lens of lifelong friends meeting for the first time as their lives near an end.



Media Bastards section:  This contains boards surrounding media news and discussion.  these boards include:


Anime, Arts, Books, Food & Drinks, Games, Music, Science, Nature & Technology, Sports, and Television & Streaming Shows.


Media Bastards sub boards:  from time to time, either by request, personal interest of myself or board staff, or necessity, we may add sub boards to the appropriate board in the Media Bastards for specific works and/or artists.  These may include sub boards for specific shows, movies, blocks of programming, networks/channels, directors, artists, character, company, book, comic, game, video game, toy line, operating system, specific technology, sport, player, etc.  The sub-boards may contain discussion, sometimes information, and are essentially considered fan areas for purposes of moderating and civility. 



Gaming section


The gaming section is a place where people can run or participate in ongoing "Play by post" (PBP) role-playing games (RPGs), or other types of online games.  Each game may have its own set of rules, and each GM/Referee may choose whatever ruleset they'd like to run their specific campaign.  More specific instructions may be found in that section.



Other Sections

There are other sections that are not currently active/live for members to see/use.  as those are ready to open, they will be added to this list, along with an announcement post that explains what they are.


Members have and will also sometimes suggest additional boards that we'll add.  If so, we will post an announcement and add it to the list as well.



Forum Volunteers/Staff:


There are several volunteer/staff ranks they are described below:


1.  Admin:  there are three currently.  me, who is responsible for general forum content.  And KN who is responsible for the server, does some Green Ghosting from time to time, and whatever else, and Zintar who will handle the donation areas and whatever else.


2.  Man In Black/Woman In Black:  these mans and womans in black are basically the forum moderators.  they will field any reports that come in regarding posts or board content, add spoiler tags with content warnings if necessary, help keep an eye out for ad spam, and stuff like that.


3.  Green Ghost:  basically they are here to help with the technical details of adapting the forum to the members and the members to the forum, they are sort of software troubleshooters if you will.


4.  Archivist:  here to help the board flow as information.  Outgoing, incoming, intra and inter.


5.  Helper Elfs and Mixologists:  They're around to help out if you need something, help with keeping folders and floats going, making up games and contests, helping with icons, sigs, stuff like that.


There are other staff/volunteer ranks in the system, those may be posted as they become active on the boards.

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