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UnevenEdge Rules and Guidelines

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Hello new forum member and/or random internet surfer and welcome to the UnevenEdge Message Boards. Click below to view through the community guidelines (subject to changes and updates):

Logging In:


Users must register their account with a valid email address. While users can customize their account profiles, including whether or not they want to receive email notifications or occasional updates, accounts registered with fake, temporary, or disposable email addresses may be banned. Upon registration, you will receive an email to activate your account. On occasion, you may have to wait for manual approval before logging in with your new account.

If you are having problems logging in, or would like assistance in your approval process, “Guests” can post on the Password Recovery and Mod Support board. Due to the occasional spambot slipping through, we ask that you don't click any links on the Password Recovery board unless posted by an admin or moderator.

Forum Navigation:


The forum is divided into several sections with multiple boards in each. Below is a list of sections and the types of discussions that will show up in each:

  • Welcome to UEMB - This section is where users can get acquainted with and discuss topics regarding the site and community. You will find the forum guidelines (this thread!), any board-relevant announcements, and discussions regarding anything such as site features, events, technical issues, moderation discussion, and account recovery. In addition, the UEMB Share Space is featured in this section for users to share and discuss their creative works.
  • Media Bastards - This section contains categories for topical media discussion. This includes topics such as Anime & Manga, Arts, Literature & Music, Games, Movies & TV, and Toonami & [adult swim].
  • General Noise - This section contains general purpose discussion boards for all other topics. This includes Current Events and General Discussion. Threads may be moved to a more appropriate folder based on the topic or content on a case-by-case basis.
  • Archive - This section contains retired or temporarily closed (i.e. seasonal) boards in a read-only format. This (or other sections) can be minimized from view on the homepage.
  • Clubs - We have a handful of community-run clubs, including IBers Anonymous (for IB-style content) and The Thunderdome (for Dumpster Fire-style content).
  • Other Site Features - In addition to the forum sections, UEMB also includes:
    • social media-style Profiles (you can enable your profile wall in your profile settings)
    • an editable Community Calendar
    • customizable Clubs
    • and an affiliate Discord Server

General UEMB Rules:


Failing to follow the community guidelines as described below carries consequences. Infractions may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the site. Upon repeat offenses, or if we believe a user is not acting in good faith, or if a user otherwise appears to be disrupting the forum or its membership with malicious intent, that person may be permanently removed from the community. Any former user attempting to evade permanent removal will be treated as “ban-on-sight”. 

User Safety

  • This is an 18+ community. Those under 18 should not be posting here. Any underage member account will be banned immediately upon discovery.
  • Do not dox. This includes sharing personal, identifying information of yourself or of another member. Do not maliciously propagate another user’s personal, identifying information regardless of whether it was intentionally or unintentionally shared beforehand by that person or a third party. 
  • Do not threaten or stalk. Do not threaten other members, in any capacity. Do not follow around other members who do not want to be followed. This includes through other sites, such as social media.
  • Extreme emotional issues. Though we have boards and threads conducive to venting, do not talk about heavy psychological issues, including suicide/self-harm, as an alternative to seeking help from a professional. To that end, do not antagonize members in emotional or mental crisis and do not promote self-harm.
  • No unsolicited advertising, in forums or in PMs. We have spaces for sharing user creations and a shameless plug on its own isn’t a problem, however ad spam is not allowed on the forum. It not only creates phishing risk, but it's really annoying. Unsolicited advertising in PMs will result in a ban. 
  • We reserve the right to address anything else deemed at that time to be a threat to user safety and to expound upon this list in the future. Particularly egregious cases may be addressed beyond the site as needed.


  • No excessive spamming. Flooding a board or thread maliciously with emotes, text-walls, images, repeated messages, etc. is not allowed. 
  • Don't post harmful, violent, or disturbing content. Harmful content includes rapidly flashing images, images that crash a browser, suspicious links/attachments, etc. Violent or disturbing content includes gore, excess blood, scat, scenery connected to deaths, animal cruelty, footage of terrorist attacks or tragic accidents, etc.
  • NSFW content. Spoiler-tag NSFW content and provide a warning. Explicit nudity and pornography, whether real or depicted, are not allowed. We reserve the right to spoiler tag user content that we deem to be NSFW.
  • Illegal Content. Do not post illegal content.
  • Extreme, controversial, and sensitive content. We reserve the right to remove or delete any content from the board at any time, as well as ban users who push the boundaries on extreme, controversial, or sensitive content. This includes rape jokes, hate speech, nazi propaganda, illegal activities, etc.
  • Content ownership issues. If you notice content that is posted on the boards without permission, please submit a report and we will remove it.
  • We recognize this list may not encapsulate every aspect of content creation. We reserve the right to act as needed or expand this list further.


  • Don't be toxic. This includes malicious engagement in harassment, flaming, trolling, or other forms of antagonism, whether targeted or general in nature, and regardless of whether conducted on a main or an alt. If a member (or staff) asks you to stop bothering them, please do so. 
  • Discrimination and bigotry will not be tolerated. This includes racism, misogyny, religious discrimination, transphobia/homophobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination, including hate speech or the use of slurs in any context (“ironic” or “joking” instances are not acceptable). Homonyms of slurs may be addressed depending on the context of their usage. 
  • Please be respectful and understanding of the staff team. Respect the official decisions made by all volunteers, they are (mostly) human too. When you are asked to stop, you are expected to listen and not argue about it publicly (use PMs or the Hey Mod! thread instead). Avoid backseat moderating/mini-modding, do not engage in other people's "Hey Mod!" posts, and avoid tagging staff unless something needs immediate attention.
  • We recognize this list may not encapsulate every aspect of interpersonal civility. We reserve the right to act as needed or expand this list further.

Reporting Abuse:


If you would like to report abuse or violation, users are encouraged to submit reports about incidents using the button on the top right of individual post in question. Please include a description issue and include any additional evidence as needed. Only moderators and admin can see these reports, and one will handle to the report and may reach out directly to follow up with you as needed.

Custom Local Rules:


Different sections of the community may be treated slightly differently regarding civility and post content, as detailed below. Note that all User Safety rules remain in effect throughout the community at all times.

- The Share Space folder is designed for members to share and discuss their own creative work in a constructive environment. Criticism of the work is allowed, but flaming the work or creators involved is not. If you are not interested in discussing creative works, or aren't discussing or seeking information about creative works, you got no business posting in and disrupting this board.

- In member-created Clubs, Club Leaders can customize their own rulesets. In order for a club to use custom rules, those rules must be posted in the club (if no rules are posted or if the custom rules are unclear, the default UEMB rules apply). Club rules can be stricter than the general UEMB rules, however the Dumpster Fires ruleset is the minimum floor for any custom rules.

- The UnevenEdge Discord, accessible here, has a similar set of guidelines and rules available to read on the discord server. As a more intimate community venue, moderation is more strict than on the forum. At this time, moderation decisions on the discord server are not reviewable on the forum, nor are moderation decisions on the forum reviewable on the discord server. However, a "ban-on-sight" status on the forum will automatically lead to a similar status on the discord server, regardless of whether that user has used the discord server.


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