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Just beat Castlevania


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Holy f--- it's a hardass game. Mostly because of the typical NES BS that causes unavoidable damage and makes you fall off ledges when you get hit. Honestly, the hardest part was Dracula because his first form is a pain in the ass, so I cheated and kept saving every time I hit him without taking damage and then loaded from my suspend point on my NES: CE and kept doing it. His second form is cake, but that first form, holy sh-t you have to be pretty skilled to beat it without losing at least half of your health such that you're rattled when you face his second form. This must have been a hard ass game for people back in the day. They must have been using Nintendo Power and sh-t to get through that Dracula stage or else just continuing a hundred times in a row because that's no f'ing joke. Wow... makes the modern Castlevanias look like Sesame Street shit.

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Dude, they're old school NES games what'd you expect?


They're not easier, a few of them have codes for a continuation point, other than that, once your lifes are up you're done. 


To this day I've never beat Chip 'n dale rescue rangers or TMNT arcade game (I blame my brother for the latter, that fucker always stole my lifes)

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