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  1. Any of you fucks live in Maryland?

    man...you out there in the sticks. fo' sho'.
  2. Any of you fucks live in Maryland?

    used to. where in md?
  3. cigarrette smokers

    american spirit/baby blue. was yellow. prior was marlb red 'medium' (until they vanished, then just red) newport medium kool blue. but...this is my last pack. i know i've said this in the past, and i will keep trying, it until it is. this time...i have to make it stick. i found my vape thingy mid bought for me last year? couple years? so..just have to find the right stuff, so that on those tougher days, i will use that. i didn't like the e-cig. but the vuse wasn't terrible.
  4. eggs

    your son ruined egs for me. i can tolerate devil'd egs. barely. i blame you. i used to love some eggs over easy, crispy bacon, and tator bits all fried up.
  5. robot calls

    that's very much what it is. ga. is one of 5 states moving forward with some straight dumb ass shit. shit that was decided on. shit that is no one's fucking business except a woman, and her physician.
  6. collage admission scam

    that, or stuck in a dead end gig in the village, that is so fucking poser, because it caters to posers.
  7. collage admission scam

    nysva. or sva now. art teacher submitted some stuff on my behalf, i got an invite down. but after pretending that this would happen (for like 10 minutes) the reality was almost exactly this, for me.
  8. robot calls

    spike here in ga. right to life bullshit.
  9. Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet...

    all i am gonna' say about the dice'man, is that he did a pretty exptional job in 'hap and leanord' s3. 7.5/10
  10. Post a picture of yourself: version who gives a fuck

    smoke'h giving none.
  11. Post a picture of yourself: version who gives a fuck

    you are a very stunning woman. i love the new doo. fierce.
  12. Little Miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet...

    little boy blue... because he needed the money. ay yo.
  13. "No shirt, no shoes, no service."

  14. biker gangs. is he talking about 'kid rock' and his 'honorary membership' (but not really a member) of that biker gang in michigan?
  15. Who wants shit?

    all i'm gonna' say is, you send pretty cool randomness. STILL have my keychain. it's my talisman. i love it. i will be buried with it.