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  1. i didn't say it had anything to do with the gun law...i was commenting on the article i posted. but let me ask you...you think this was ok? the book burning part, because some white students got upset at the speakers answer...or way she answered? because, burning books seems quite a bit extreme, and honestly...shouldn't be allowed on a campus. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/georgia-college-students-burn-latina-author-s-book-after-she-n1065396 just one more article.
  2. http://www.thegeorgeanne.com/news/article_27bf3288-eb78-11e9-b386-47de5677b8c7.html https://www.connectsavannah.com/savannah/georgia-southern-under-fire-for-diversity-crisis/Content?oid=13407913&fbclid=IwAR2Rw5moh7IGYuU-qxiLUzO8UytFtIzif_oeOn8R95JMaTg8A7_UmqbLmZs
  3. just watched this last night with the boy. he loved it. and watched hocus pocus.
  4. fair enough. there are a couple articles done by students, and there is an article circulating on 'on georgia' but there are several national coverages (cnn, nbc, cbs) no person brandished a weapon, but the fact that the 'right to carry' (because only good guys carry) is now lost in translation, as GSU stated that because of the open carry , on campus, they...the school official FEARED for her safety. THAT is the point i was trying to make. controversy and different opinions, are now at the discretion of open carry laws...at least on this particular campus.
  5. no, i think what you're missing is the fact, that the GOP has shoved the gun rights issue down the american people's throat in such a matter, that every true blue american patriot can carry, and. that, all these fine, outstanding citizens deserve to observe what is apparently, their god~given right to carry a weapon. on campus. ( ) but, when someone of color, speaks about white privelege, suddenly. all those 'good guys with guns' can't really be trusted around some brown~skinned uppidity bitch. i have to presume, you read the article?
  6. i believe it was part of the syllabus for the class (?) freshman. idiot fucking redneck freshmen...with apparently lic. to carry on campus (?)
  7. Crucet’s second appearance — set to take place the following day at a different GSU campus — was cancelled “due to unforeseen circumstances.” Crucet responded on Twitter that the event had been cancelled “because the administration said they could not guarantee my safety or the safety of its students on campus because of open carry laws.” https://www.thefire.org/authors-appearance-at-georgia-southern-university-cancelled-after-students-burn-and-shred-books/
  8. i will wander in there from time to time. #neverforgettheangst
  9. this. i've seen the show a few times. i feel .....i don't think sorry is the word, but not quite empathetic either. i just like to see success stories.
  10. i really liked the silent hills franchise. most of the RE franchise. i just got man of medan, so we'll see if that's going to be 'scary' or not.
  11. i wonder how this will affect the 'investigation' of #45 https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/impeachment-inquiry-10-17-2019/index.html
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