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  1. well, i guess it's someone else's turn to find a game. i'll put this out, is anyone making masks?
  2. ga~ 6383 cases, 208 deaths. only 2 in this county (still) but hey....come on to the beaches. they're open. -__-
  3. i'm taking a hot salt bath. had to level the yard a bit, and start burning the pit. made some black~eyed peas and rice. then get to work on some scaley legs.
  4. that's what the general was speaking about a couple pages back. i don't recall who posted the 'interview'.
  5. well....will you buy it for me? XD that's pretty bad ass. and a little disappointed you DIDN'T buy it .
  6. getting the new septic drain lines in. finally. and good news, the material is from recycled materials.
  7. i don't know big guy, but when you figure it out, i'm sure you'll let us know. but you need to get off the word larping. i do not think it means what you think it means.
  8. you may have. hey.... reuse, recycle, not so much reduce. *hahaha...2018* i remember that (now >.>)
  9. sorry, i didn't notice you posted the same song. but i'm not taking it down.
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