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  1. Probably the Volgons...

    well, i, for one, found the story quite exciting. @mthor damn mama...be nice.
  2. i purchased a '99 olds cutlass sierra. had one in the trunk. i didn't use it. but i wasn't mad it was in there.
  3. i guess i misunderstood the op. yes i'm joking.
  4. Game of Thrones

    ok, now you're just trying too hard. soOOOO edgy /s/
  5. had to read up on f.d.c.p.a.

    ha! HA! ya'll got jokes. anyway, this is so far, the easiest gig i have done in a while. i'm not digging the 'outside collections' but it's only 1 maybe 2x a week. i just wish they would utilize my assets more. eh..in due time.
  6. had to read up on f.d.c.p.a.

    ha! HA! well played. cau...well played.
  7. had to read up on f.d.c.p.a.

    'in house' is REALLY different from 3rd party. but we good now. i got this.
  8. Rick and Morty Season 4

    there is no such thing as a bad season of 'rick and morty'.
  9. the passage.

    yip...same. also...you're right. saving.
  10. fucking horrific. this whole administration. hell, the last administration.
  11. Dafuq

    all that monopoly money.
  12. A massive loser in love asking for your advice

    man, just ask her to lunch. you work together one shift. there is absolutely no harm in asking a co worker you would like to know to lunch. is this job your career? do you plan on being a dick? if you answered no, then..dude....just ask her to lunch.
  13. ...really, really dumb shit.
  14. probably should have gotten the test.
  15. Im considering getting a 3rd job

    that's probably a dumb idea.