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  1. no..i get it. but you could put something out in your local 'sale/find/trade' facebook page, have artist submit a mini portfolio. i'd come out and do it...but got some big things happening here.
  2. this looks amazing! and honestly? why not let a local artist do something? or some 'graffiti' style?
  3. 'the station agent'. that was when i fell in love. also...trainspotting is more lively, aye mate?
  4. old enough to remember that. too young to retire.
  5. it's already a thing. and not only this continent.
  6. i was on my 2nd enlistment, when perot's company approached a few marines to consider coming to texas to work for him. it was actually a pretty sweet deal. work security, or what ever your billet could fit, he'd send you to school for company specific jobs. housing was included. really cool deal. i know a couple buddies took him up on it, don't know how it worked out for them. i only remember his 13% across the board tax plan as his platform.
  7. so long, and thanks for all the fish. <3
  8. before my time. but when i lived in vermont, there was a station (probably and most likey public access) that would show old reruns of flash gordon, bowery boys, and a few other shows. i actually liked that stuff. the cliff hangers...man, how did kids do it? because weren't these originally pre~movie at the cinema?
  9. just leave this dummy alone. it's just sad. very very sad.
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