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Black Lagoon Edits?


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This might seem like an odd question but did anybody here keep a list of all the edits made when Black Lagoon aired on Toonami, or recorded the series itself?  My DVR airing of the series failed after the first couple of episodes.  I was in contact with RogerSmith2004 to get his copies of Black Lagoon but he hasn't been getting back to me, so I was looking to try and get an edit list of the series, at the very least.

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There weren't many from what I recall.


Obvious bleeps to harsher language aside...




**They pixelated-out the nipples from the stripper(s) in the episode where Rock finally speaks up to Revy.**


**They cut a short transitional scene from the Vampire Twins arc which showed the twins from afar (no detail) playing in a pool blood while nude.**




And I believe that's it.

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