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Crunchyroll to have panel at next week’s CinemaCon

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Crunchyroll panels at conventions tend to be more hyping up products.  Why the holy hell they booked at CinemaCon, which is essentially a big pow-wow for studios and theater companies/owner-operators is beyond me unless they plan to do more limited anime film releases in theaters or Sony is going to begin leveraging the IP of the rather numerous anime adaptations they have in production.

Speaking of, DeMarco may also be there for the Warner crew to show off the War of Rohhim ashcan film.

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Crunchyroll’s panel was less about them and more a victory lap for Godzilla Minus One which between it and Godzilla x Kong, pretty much saved the box office from being a lot worse.  

Warner is up tonight, with the main event of that being Joker II.  No word on DeMarco’s film.

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