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Teasing Master Takagi-san’s localization efforts were her ultimate prank


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The first season started out as a Funimation property. But then, Netflix outbid them for season 2 for no reason, causing the show to shift platforms, be redubbed, and follow their release schedule. 

Once S2 underperformed, the show’s standing made it undesirable for both parties to return for S3. But then, in comes Sentai in with the save as a HiDive simulcast. 

Now here’s the real kicker; the dub. The first two seasons had completely different dubs based on how the two companies source them.

Since Sentai is a Texas company, they could theoretically reunite the S1 dub cast. They could also pull out the stops to get the Netflix cast together if they want to commit to that much work. The third option is having almost as many dub cast changes as Evangelion with completely new VA’s.

It’s such a shitshow that it’s hard to tell whether to find it baffling or hilarious that three different platforms have to be used to keep up with the show.


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