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Holy Fuck Nuggets.


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What a Saturday. only rescheduled 2 out of 10 appointments total. That after having a TiVo trouble call where I have to swap the box out only to have the replacement take a shit and make me activate a second box to fix the issue at my first appointment. Second appointment was at an apartment complex fucked to the brim with apartments sharing splitters. Isolated my lines and got them spec'd up enough to handle 2 cable boxes and a modem fairly quickly only to have the cable boxes troll me and get stuck in the loading process...

All in all not bad I say. One of the reschedules is going to need a complete overhaul. Their drop line sparked up when I unscrewed it to test signals, and had shit signal..No signal inside that house AT ALL..The line running to their modem runs...into a small cubby hole in the wall with a fucking two way splitter screwed in there..Most likely coming in through a f**CKing attic. :|

Other one was an install on the outskirts of town with no drop line at all. No street lights, and no sign of a tap.. The headlamp I bought like a month ago is already dimming out though so fuck that...


Fucking 6 o clock darkness is gonna make me looooooooooooooooooooose it before it's all over.. 🙏


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