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Toonami viewing options?


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Have noticed lately my tv viewing habits have largely dwindled, to the point where I mostly just watch Toonami and maybe a couple other things scattered here and there. Went with cable for DVR reasons, but wondering if I can cut some expenses.

I know there's Sling, but the user experience was just awful. App just constantly crashing, DVR functionality clunky, would rather avoid going back to that if possible.

Is pretty much everything aired already on crunchyroll or netflix or something else? Preferably not scattered across several services.

Not sure if [as] app/site is viable at all.

Am I missing any alternatives?

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I've found that Crunchyroll has had some sever issues with buffering lately to the point where I haven't used it in months. 

Depending on what show you are attempting to watch, you could always try Tubi. Their anime selection is okay for what it is but it's a start and it's free. 

I haven't checked out Funi yet to see if they also have buffer issues. 

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I don't really mind paying for any subscription service at this point, since any of it will turn out cheaper than cable.

I did download Tubi on the Roku a while back. Seem to recall I wasn't impressed at the time. Selection looks much improved. Or maybe I never actually looked into it like I thought I did. Some dubbed, too, even. Subs are fine and all, but sometimes, just want to sorta half pay attention while doing something else.

Good start, probably use it for background noise instead of TNG on pluto when there's too many Wesley episodes.

I suppose truthfully, I could probably literally sub to netflix, hulu, crunchyroll, and funi, and still probably save money over the cable sub. Just sorta trying to determine if there's anything I'm not considering, or anything I'll still be missing out on or whatever.

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