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i mean, someone needs to. look at the life choices you've made up to this point.

seriously, do you commit any kind of forethought to anything you do, or do you just throw darts at a board and see what sticks?

i mean, look at you. you look like you just rolled out of bed. and those clothes...

when i was a kid, my old man always told me "dress for the job you want, not the job you have."

well clearly you want to be processing pig slop on a farm in Rorikstead for the rest of your life.

now, you take a look at that Stormcloak kid, you know, Ragnar's boy, Ulfric.

that boy's going places, has a dream, plans. you could learn a thing or two from a kid like that.

now get off your ass, stop hanging out at the winking skeever with that weird little Cicero kid (gives me the fucking creeps, that one) and go storm a fucking castle or something.

your mother, gods rest her soul, is turning in her grave right now. 😠



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