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Fire Marshall just told me to go home//


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I Parked too close to a gas pump for an aging safety officer I guess..MY off road tires that stick out an extra 2 to three inches brushed the parking pole.. After I got my...admittedly trashy beer and cigs and got ready to  leave he was there..More than ready to tell me what I already knew... It being a busy store I paralelled the pumps dodging little dune buggie ass cars turning in off the main road..

My Passenger side wheels were center with a bumper pole designed to let big trucks know they are too close...My truck wasn't in danger of hitting the pumps but my wheels made contact with that little bumper pole gently..This guy showed up after I got out of the store.. More than ready to let me know he doesn't like his bumper poles bumped by off road truck tires...

I can't describe how much more sincere he was about me infringing on public space, but man MY truck is a fat bitch my bad. 

Also It'd take more than a pissed fire marshall just pulling up to get gas or something to throw me out of the norm...

That was stupid though.. As a fire marshall it seemed liked he was just warning me of what I already knew.. I HAD TO BACK UP TO MAKE SURE MY OFF ROAD TIRES WOULD CLEAR THE BUMPER POLE. 

I took his approach as "Well ther's not enough common sense these days if I don't intervene that might be a flipped truck. I honestly gained respect for him.. Especially after I told him.. "Ya I already got out and did a walk around.. My tire bumped a parking pole OMG.. I'll back up and get on the main road no problem though grandpa shit... "


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