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i think i broke my foot...neat!


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been rocking the flip flops all day since it's sunday and i'm still on vacation. we were at the in-laws this afternoon, and wife decided we needed to dig up some of her mom's ferns to transplant along our house. of course, i was handed the spade to do the digging. well, stepping on that god damn shovel with flip flops is about as safe as doing it with bare feet. at one point i kinda jumped on it because the ground was hard, and i felt something in the bridge of my foot go POP. kinda hurt, but i'm a fucking man and i wasn't about to wimp out. 

well, as the day and now evening has progressed, my foot is swelling up on the bottom, and it's getting kinda sore to walk on. my toes don't touch the ground on that foot when i stand up. and if i push on shit in just the right spot, it fucking stings. no bruising ... yet. can't wait to see where we are in the morning. i have another week of vacation left, and i'll be god damned if i'm gonna spend it wearing a boot. but i'm not sure i'll be able to put a shoe on at the rate it's swelling up. 

oh well, the beer is still tasting good. it's the little things.

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