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Think this would work? (income taxes)


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Instead of the Gov't determining how much gets divvied out to each dept, each taxpayer commits at the beginning of the year how to split their tax contribution.

For example, let's say I make $40K/year and pay 37% income tax (just spitballing) or 15,600.  I think Education, Environment, Social Services & Defense should get the majority of my taxes - so I commit 20% to each with 20% to be split among everything else (20% = $3,120).  The next person may think that Defense deserves 40%, 20% to education and split the other 40% over whatever else there is.  The next person is big on Education and commits 50% to that & splits the rest.


You have to commit your percentage contributions at the beginning of the tax year and if you get a raise, your percents are still locked but applied to your new earnings.  You aren't allowed to "stiff" any currently existing dept.  Whatever is most important to you gets the benefit & those you deem less important get less.


People on the Left would commit more to those areas they think important, people on ther Right would do the same.  I kinda think things would work out because of this, but maybe I'm missing a consideration?



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