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Just saw the final movie, it sucked hard more than I expected it would.



Once again they ignore and retcon anything that happened from the past films. The whole Wesker/Alice team up at the white house doesn't happen. It's barely even alluded to despite it being a cliffhanger for the last film. Even when they did the dumb clone thing they cleaned it up in the next film by having the clones all die. Speaking of Clones Alice isn't the real Alice. The real Alice is an old woman "possibly young since she has progeria" and the Red Queen was Alice as a child all along.  Also they gave the T-Virus a new creator rather than Ashford in the second film it's some guy that was Alice's dad. Ashford made the virus for his daughter who couldn't walk to repair her cells, in this movie they do it to Reverse Progeria.


As well we had already met Ashford's daughter in the 2nd film, so her not being the model for the red queen made no sense. The mcguffin of the film is given to us via red queen telling Alice that they can cure the T-virus with an anti virus in the Hive under the nuked raccoon city.  As well she says that there are only 4k and some change humans left in the world. So probably the same number of people that will actually see this movie.


She also drops some dumb logic bombs about her programming as to why she can't do things herself. One she can't harm employees of the umbrella corporation.... Bullshit. She killed the shit out of the staff and recon group in the first film. Two she must try to preserve humanity. They were trying to rationalize her killing spree as she was trying to contain the virus, however it conflicts with her first priority ergo it would be a false positive loop, and nothing would have happened.


Later in the film the Real progeria alice (who is the reluctant head of umbrella) tells the red queen that she fires Wesker at which point Wesker's arm is chopped off by the Queen and he bleeds out dead. It is an interesting way to kill someone...other than it was fucking wesker and they made him job hard. Oh and when he died there were 2k umbrella people in cryo stasis that would wake up after the cure was spread, but died in an explosion.


So that I imagine cut the world population in half. So either way half of the worlds population was going to survive. Either the one that is well equipped to rebuild the world and organized with high tech, or a bunch of garbage people eating dog food and drinking water out of rusty gas cans spread across an entire planet. Clearly Alice chose wisely on who to leave rebuilding the world up to. 


As well the anti virus kills the T-virus. It kills the zombies because their bodies are apprently too beat up to survive, but Alice is fine sans losing any of her enhanced abilities given to her by the virus. Seriously though she should also start having the effects of Progeria seeing as she is a clone. I digress then some flying bio weapon types swoop in before the credits roll. I guess they are trying to say that they can survive without the virus like Alice can. However it was dumb as hell.  Really I just wish that someone would reboot the film series and keep it closer to the early games.


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i wouldnt mind seeing it be about the games..itd have to be really good though.


i never took any of these films seriously. michelle rodriguez lived with a thousand bites until the very end of the first movie.


it was just mindless fun..."fun," and milla jovovich.

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I think milla jovovich is a big part of the reason why the movies kept getting progressively worse.  The director fell in love with her after the first film. From then on he was just making waifu stuff and trying to think of things that would look cool rather than make sense. As well he also started having Alice show more interest in women rather than men like in the first film. He apparently had a freak out over the company not editing future box set releases of the first film, because it had one scene where you can see Milla's breast. 


Really I think you could even start the movie off with some of the pre-game stuff. You could even have project W take up a good part of a film where Wesker was a kid at the Spencer mansion where him and only one other girl Alex Wesker survived being experimented on. 

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Yeah she is a good person, just married to an insane obsessive director.  I liked the first and second films, actually felt like they were acceptable for what they were. However by the third film with the clones and 4th films retcon it became unwatchable.


I would like to see everything pre re4 made into a movie. 

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