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I'm pretty sure WWII vets built my father's house...


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...shortly after they got home.



-Built in 1954


-Asbesdos siding that legit breaks drill bits


-Original outside color was military green


-High-mounted, slim windows (sort of like a fortress would have)


-Interior walls are made of sheetrock, followed by plaster board which makes them all abour 3/4" thick


-Floors are all oak hardwood on top of subfloor making them all about 2" thick


-All doors are the heavy solid wood ones you see in schools


-EVERYTHING is a structure.


That half-wall I tore down the other day, its two studs went down through the floor and were nailed to the joists underneath, and the header was notched to fit around a stud in the wall, ALL with 3.5" goddamn nails ..an overabundence of them at that... and the whole thing was wire meshed on the edges and plastered into the existing wall.


I moved the thermostat from the kitchen to the living room... just a matter of drilling a hole on the other side of the wall it was mounted to and hooking it up... EXCEPT the kitchen wall had a 1 .5" thick fucking board behind the already 1" thick wall I guess as a mounting point for the thermostat? Da fuck? Like I said, EVERYTHING is a structure.


The basement is totally coated in cement board inside, which meant I had to use a grinder just to add an outlet next to a switch in the bathroom, which is open to the washer and dryer, and a door leading outside... oh and has a drain in the middle of the floor.


Or it's just made from recycled Nokia 3310's.... :|

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