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16 more bars, and I still don't feel closer to the finish line.

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I got them slow burning raps rolled in slow burning tracks 
so get ya soul searchin ass to work and go turn some tabs
slow burn some dabs ya man that shit will really hit ya
got the world slowed down so now you see the bigga picture
this shit only calm now 'cause' you surrounded by a twista
right now the outer edge; it's about to pound ya vista;
the shit it's pickin up's about to leave this jurisdiction.
If the world is mine I'll put that whole bitch in my mixes.



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Motherfuckers beat is so fast to split it like I want I need 32 bar verses.. 

damn he cut's it up nicely with different paced drum samples and some slow audio ambience..

This shit has a tempo up there with house music.. If I popped this shit in fl and hit detect tempo

I bet I could prove it too..

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