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Ground Zero

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I'll upload the beat this is currently being written to when and if I feel like making this my next baby.

The samples are so mellow and chill even though I decided to write about 9/11's aftermath in this 

little bit I guess..  I'll edit this as it comes along I just barely turned the beat on and I'm digging the rythm

They tore the shit up, 
it's been lit up 
but we can rebuild it from the bottom
no lets pick the tin up; shit
Build a battleship; faster,stronger,smarter
so those martyred arent just fodder
All praise the father here comes the Hail Mary
on a scary scale like some fairy tail shit.
One rhyme for a dime you do the crime you might as well pay
like we..NO THEY DID, that day..GAY

now we gotta close the gate; got the N-S-A

feelin' up my clothes and..rubbin' on my balls.

Now we gotta up the laws but the choas will ensue

meh.. This man makes me rap too fast but damn. 

nice start.


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