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a short "king of the hill" fan-fiction starring John Greencorn

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John Greencorn is a man from a neighboring TV equal rights community with a distinct tie to native american culture. 

he happens to be gay.  apparently, among gay people he's super sexy, because John Greencorn has to so much look at a man,

and hes plowing him in the ass in his wifes bed, full hog-tied begging for more.  John Greencorn quickly realized he could use his

powers of seduction against his old nemesis, John Redcorn over in Arlen.  this time Greencorn and Redcorn were at it because they both wanted

rights to the name big mountain fudge cake, but they ran into each other instead! 

now John Greencorn is fucking all of the men in the neighborhood, causing a homosexuality epidemic in Arlen.

as the guys all quickly turn madly queer and leave their wives, John Redcorn approaches Greencorn for the surrender, saying only,

"Now i know how it feels when someone fucks everyone you care about."

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