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Hyprocisy I say!


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So lemme get this straight! A police pounds on your door at 2am and you open up even though you have work in a few hours and answer all of his questions and offer him milk and cookies even though he's a total stranger.


I pound on your door at 2am, after searching your OKC username on Google, finding your real name on Facebook, checking your public statuses for tonight that place you at a local bar when you told me over OkCupid that you had homework tonight and thus couldn't go on an OKC date, and then I go to the bar with binoculars and see you hooking up with some scraggly brute with parted hair who you must have also met over OKC, and I control myself instead of entering the establishment and dusting that soft cat like a vintage Steven Seagal goon, and follow the taxi the two of you take back to your place, and now even though I'm not a stranger, I get the cops called on me and you don't answer the door when you see me in the peephole!



What gives? Why the cop, but not me?! This isn't gonna work out between us if you're sneaking around and then not answering the door when I come to discuss your transgressions with you!  <3


And we need to add each other on Facebook btw.

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