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Friday the 13th (2017)


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From what I remember this was going to be a found footage film, but that concept was dropped since found footage has fallen out of favor. Since then I have read that this will be more like a texas chainsaw/ house of a 1000 corpses type movie, where we get to see the dysfunction of Jason's family ie his mom and dad and young sister. So I'm thinking this may play out like the Rob Zombie version of Halloween. Where we get a first half of the film that shows Myers as a child and his dysfunctional family, then the second half plays out like the traditional movie. Really it's almost too similar if they do it like that, because we found out most of this information in Jason goes to Hell. Jason's dad was an abusive drunk, his sister was a baby and put up for adoption after the mother died, and the mother was overly protective of Jason. It's like how Myers dad was a drunk, his one sister was a baby and put up for adoption, and the mother was overly protective. 


I think most fans don't like to see a sympathetic character become evil, which is why many didn't like showing Myers as a scrappy trailer park kid that snapped, and I doubt will enjoy a bullied mongoloid child becoming the highest body count slasher of film history.  It's like how Freddy Kruger was a pedophile, but all the original films glanced over that aspect. It was brought up but it wasn't the key trait of his character that people think of. The reboot they overly emphasized that he was a deranged pedophile, and took away many of the wise cracking quirks that people associated with the character.


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