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J.M. Matthews

Amazon is now worth $1 Trillion

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Not so much. But I made money during the time leading up to now. Not a fortune, but a fortune by e-content standards.

in 2013-2015 I earned $500 from selling 6,000 books. I didn't get paid more because many of the books I sold were free offers , hence $0.00 in royalties for each copy. Otherwise if they were all paid copies I'd be making $1,000s. So yeah, amazon is selling a LOT of stuff. Just remember if you're earning 100s, and moving 1,000s of units, the website you publish at is selling billions of units.

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I know.  And all those other fucking website companies worth all that cash.  


And there I sat, getting stoned and playing 2D video games while all those assholes were getting rich.

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