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Bates Motel


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Bates Motel's final season is this year!  February 20th!


For those of you who do not watch Bates Motel, it's basically a prequel-ish to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

It airs on A&E and is pretty well done!

Vera Farmiga plays Norma Bates in it; and guess what? If you watch American Horror Story and remember Violet from season 1, well, the actress that played Violet (Taissa Farmiga) is her sister!  Cool beans, right?




Here's a trailer for people that haven't ventured into the dark mind of Norman yet:





And here's the new trailer/promo!  I'm excited:



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I'm looking forward to it, but not sure I'm convinced on how well the execution for this last season will be.


It's pleasantly surprised me so far fairly regularly, but we'll see.


I think they'll do a good job with it; I'm happy they're not dragging it out.

Idk how I feel about Rihanna as Marion, tho  :D

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Didn't realize it was coming back so soon.


Interested in where they'll go with it, slightly concerned with the hallucinations that are bound to be very present. Primarily because those have been hit-or-miss with me.


The ambiguity at the end of S1 and throughout S2 were usually [not always] more interesting to me than the more blunt approach in recent seasons. Those still have some great scenes, but the more unreliable presentation with bigger patches of blanked out narrative early on I guess felt more engaging overall.


So I'm cautiously optimistic about the new season. Mostly out of personal taste.

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I feel like they are becoming more obvious in the latter seasons because Norman is becoming more and more consumed by them.

I'm happy they didn't stretch this out, tho.


Last season should basically follow the Psycho timeline.

I say basically because Bates is a bit different and more modern...and I can see his bro trying to get involved with the sheriff.

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So that first episode.



I love how Norman made up an excuse for his "mom" not being home all of the time.  "I'm pretending to be dead Norman!"  :D

Dude, when they switched over to reality to a dirty ass house, I was like, WTF NORMAN, CLEAN THE FUCK UP, but then again he thinks Norma is alive and doing everything around the house.

ICONICTM moment when he "slept-walk" downstairs to dead Norma; he's keeping her nice and fresh with the temperature control down there >_>

So, someone tried to "kill" him and it was set up via the sheriff (who is now in jail)....I honestly don't think the dude was going to kill Norman, where's the gun that he supposedly pointed?  I think the sheriff hired him to keep tabs on Norman. >.>


Okay, and DYLAN, congrats to him, but it seems like he doesn't even KNOW Norma is dead???? He kept saying he didn't want to see Norman or Norma, as if she was alive <_<


RIP Hardware shop girl >.> she is soooooo Norman's type it's ridic.


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That was a very good premiere. Felt like it handled most things really well.


Still not sure I fully buy into the conflict with Dylan and Norma at the end of last season. I think it was that Norma had grown to care about Dylan and wanted him to stay to help look after Norman, but she kept letting Norman.... get away with murder. *rimshot* I mean, I guess I get where he was coming from, but the end result of completely abandoning them, even to move with Emma, seems rather extreme despite being the implication from last season's last episode(s). I'm also a little surprised Emma didn't seem aware of how the previous season ended, either. Unless they were covering it up to Caleb, but that seems unlikely.


Caleb is another piece I sort of struggle to pin down. I fluctuate on how I feel about his relationship with Dylan.


Oddly, don't feel like there's too much to say about Norman. It's basically what I expected, but done a lot better (overall) than my cautiously high expectations.

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Yeaaah, it's weird to see that Dylan just abandoned them completely without at least calling from time to time.

It floored me that he didn't know Norma was dead...like, wow Dylan, stop being tsundere. >.>

And YEAH Emma too...she's been involved with the family's drama this whole time....and has been one of Norman's best friends...so for her to not at least encourage a phone call from time to time seems off.


Mhmm, I can see he's sorry but dude, you raped your sister =\ Dylan will never forget that he's a product of incest.

It seems like Caleb runs away and then comes back when he wants something...I wonder if he'll make his way back to Norma/Norman's house.



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Caleb produced some of the weirdest drama. Like the part of the show when they initially introduced the possibility of Dylan being a incest rape-baby and Dylan getting mad at Norma over it...? That stuff was real questionable. But still, Dylan has had some of the best parts, too, usually when it came to Norman more than Norma.


The whole never knowing when Caleb wants something or if he's trying to help makes it hard for me to decide how to interpret him, and I guess that might be intentional but the cast seem to all have well-determined opinions of him that can be a tad ill-defined.


Other than some of the questionable choice of Dylemma abandoning Norma(n) and being iffy on Caleb, Norman's stuff was generally enjoyable in the expected awkward Norman way.

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Oh man, and now Caleb is boned; he should've just remained a drifter instead of bugging his family members.

It was pretty shitty that he had to hear of Norma's death via some rando. :D But wowz.

Also, CHIK (IDK HOW TO SPELL HIS NAME), totz screwed too, maybe. Norman dressed as Norma acting like Norma was awesome.

I loved that his mind gave her hobbies like learning french.

OH! And Romero, welp, I guess he was trying to snuff Norman....but the Norma part of Norman still loves Romero....which I found hilarious. :D


Norman trying to get mini-Norma was funny...especially when the husband threatened him, like dude, you gonna die.


And yeah, Dylemma needs to wake the fuck up.

I agree that Dylan gets mad over the weirdest shit; he always is mad at Norma for something -_-

For a second there I thought Caleb might've just said "screw it" and call Dylan to tell him his mom is dead, but nope....Caleb basically just thinks about himself.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I was wondering why it seemed like a really long week for another episode to come out. Turns out it was because it had been nearly 3 weeks. :|


So, now I'm caught up.


Not really sure what to say. It took most of the expected pathes, with Romaro escaping, Caleb dying, Madeline almost banging Norman, so on. Chick is more of a wild card, though, and wasn't expecting 2 episodes without Dylemma.

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Yesssh, it's coming together very nicely.

I'm really enjoying it.


Norman almost banging Little Norma was hilarious.

Such an Oedipus complex.


Dude, I didn't think Romero would get shot like that, tho.

Like WTF KID  >:D



Uhhh, yeah Chick...writing his novel, Psycho >.>


I wonder if Rih will show up.  ::HMM::

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Romero getting shot surprised me. I figured he'd spend an episode hanging out at the barn to not die from being shot, but he walked it off so it's cool.


Yeah, he seems quite GAR :D


Hmm, looks like we didn't see him this last episode.



LOL Norman got his butt cherry popped as "Norma".  >:D

Must've been a fun night, scratches on his back and everything.

Oh, and he almost got help, too bad...but it seems like he's realizing his condition more.


DYLEMMA (as you put it, I'm stealing that btw >.>).

So, Dylan finally came clean to Emma, telling her Norman is a killer....and that he might've killed her mom >__>

Now that that's in the open, I can see Emma wanting to go visit Norman to confront him. >.> Which might work as a tie in.






And finally! We see Rih as Marion. :D

So, they're legit going scene by scene with Psycho now.

Nice touch with her intro with the opening scene of Psycho (which was controversial during its time)...half nekkid in bed with Sam.

Also...I guess Sam didn't tell her he was married.  >:D

"Uhhh, you can't come here...my...roommate doesn't like guests".

I'm guessing the famous shower scene will be next episode.

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This episode reminded me what the Norma/Dylan drama was about. I think it was the "I'm mad you aren't taking care of Norman! I guess I'll just leave forever!" thing that was a bit weird.


Also, some of those confrontations were kinda cringe.


"You know how Norman is kinda sick? Uh... I think he killed his dad and your teacher... and probably your mom."


And Norman being like, "Your husband is cheating on you," in response to "Why should I talk to him?" I mean she did tell him there were marrital problems, he could've based it on what she said instead of dropping a bombshell at an inopportune time.


Apparently Marion was in the first episode of the season when Sam came in to the motel. I didn't notice until last episode when it came up at some point.

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I also think he was mad that Norman never was punished, either >.>

And probably lowkey thinks Romero is taking care of everything now.


Omg, I know, I was watching with my friend and I was like "everyone is extra snappy this ep". :D


Idk, in that car ride with mini Norma, he was pissy because he had to go see what "Norma" did >____>


Yeah, apparently she was :D

When Noman  :fap:

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The new episode:


Marion shows up, Norman acts like a creep as he should be doing since we're at the Psycho part.


It was interesting to see Norman fight with himself >.> if he knows he's cray cray, he should probably start taking those meds again <.<

But, nope, he has a heart to heart talk with "Norma", her saying he can't handle pain, him crying....a nice breaking point.


Dylemma....so, Emma finally did some research and discovered Norma is dead.  What a sad way to learn for Dylan D:

So, since he knows now, I'm sure he'll be next to visit and confront.


Rih needs to learn how to cry on cue, good lawd >.>

Also I was imagining this song when she was bashing Sam's car windows in:





Anyway, the creators decided to do another twist by making Sam the victim in the shower.  >:D

I mean, he totz deserved it >_____>

One of the few times I rooted for Norman.

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I'm not sure if it's just me, but ever since Romera started hanging out at that one person's house, I haven't really felt his story arc. I kinda liked the fact of him getting to the Motel right after Norma turns himself in, but even so I felt like the bright glowy visions of Norma were too hammy to be taken as seriously as they seemed to be intended.


lol at


Chick's death

for being the dumbest, most amazing thing I've seen in a long time.


It was nice to see Norman doing th right thing for once, even if "Norma" is a fucking dick. Kinda lulzy to see the sheriff not even giving a shit about the "testimony".

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, that was fun. Took a pretty expected route for the finale, not many other options at that point.


Thought it was a little strange for Emma to immediately hate Norman with basically no evidence and her lack of relevance was disappointing. Honestly would've found Emma helping Dylan with dealing with Norman would have been more interesting than Romero, given Romero has always had some place in the show but only this season and last have had him as basically a main character. I figured Norman would get away so someone closer to him could handle it.


I'm mostly satisfied, with some of those minor disappointments mixed in.

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Finished it!


Yeah, Emma disappointed me too, especially when Dylan asked her if he would have a wife to come home to and she was just silent.  Like, BETCH, are you srs???

At least she did stay with him in the end.

I agree with Romero story line, seemed a bit slow.  I feel like they should've made him break out of prison later on in the season, with him just directly going to Norman so we didn't have those pause periods.

It would've been hilarious if Romero was next to Norma when Norman "died". >_>


Yesh, the ending was fitting, no other way to end it while not keeping any loose ends.  It kind of felt like a reminder to the viewers with Norman going back in time.

Overall I enjoyed the series.

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