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Still a bit big in some places I think.

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I tried to hide the mic, but it binds like glue
Once you ride this bike man this bike rides you; 
It's true I'm sittin in my room like what should I do; 
try a haiku; fly the high route? I've scryed my mind dude
'n' I want ta head-nod cuz fuck it all it's luck is all 
this next rhymes huge; don't try to sit there an' not bob ya head 
like some kinna pretty fly for a white guy stooge; mosh,form a line, 
let's squash the dot from top ta bottom naww fuck that what I just said 
didn't make any god damn since sorry to the higher power if I sinned 
it's just I'm tryin' to push the envelope, feelin' like a misanthrope; 
gittin' broke an maybe this lil voice inside my head that tells me this a joke 
'll frickin go If i sit 'n hit the flow without a bigger goal; whatchu think 
you feel it though? cuz I dunno it's feelin' slow, but slow is smooth, 
and smooth is fast and this a rap not a damn rat race; what I need a catch phrase?
Fuck the hook this truck is shook I done put a book in every nook in cranny of 
this granny beat you should've took a look before it went kaput cuz now it's mush.
Can you hand a man 'is grammy please; these damn mcs arent plannin' things
The game is filled with teens that kill the thrill by spammin' memes; 
bout to knock em out they jammy jeans; one handed while I dance the beat, 
like can you feel it now? WELL ANSWER ME! I WANT YA FRIGGIN HEAD TA NOD/




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Holy shit this verse is gonna have a hard landing.. I could've stopped at sixteen bars but since this was engineered for this here crazy ass beat I had to drag it out to 20. My polysyllabic rhyme scheme made it hard to switch up the vowel sounds and keep the rhyme fresh, but I think I might've finally finished versed one with some good word play, and some nice trick shots against the vocal samples that are already on the beat. 

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News audio clips will be sampled into the beat hopefully.. editors note.. "I did nothing wrong"--Jacob Zuma 2018

"but a lot of people believe, including yours truly; that that music.."--who ever the hell that dude is 2018


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