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  1. Wait, wasn't Walt Disney cryogenetically frozen? Or wasn't he Gay?
  2. I tried that yesterday and fell in love. I feel your pain.
  3. That's pretty much what happened with the "zombieninjakitten" one. I don't have access to Dumpster Fires but, meh, I never thought that was so exciting, just posts about genitalia and tits, which, I admittedly participated in but don't need to do so to enjoy the boards. Honestly, I don't even come here much anymore as I'm more active on another forum. But, I still like everyone here, just more of a lurker these days.
  4. Yeah, but I'm not trying to mess with anyone or troll, just wanted a new "outfit" to wear around here.
  5. I think there is a big "Sense Of Humor" sale at Target this weekend. They might have one in your size.
  6. Not an alt in the traditional sense around here (I wasn't banned under the user name zombieninjakitten) I just wanted a new username. Avatar, signature, etc still under construction. Try to contain your excitement.
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