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Dimension W is now on the Toonami Marathon Stream (11/21/16-11/25/16)!


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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This week get your fill of a show Toonami hasn't touched since June: the broadcast dub Dimension W, aired on Toonami from 2/27/16 through 5/14/16!


You can expect episodes 1-5 until Wednesday night at 6:30; then 6-10 should take over after Pre-Flight's first replay that evening (which starts at 6:30).


And episodes 11 & 12 are also available on-demand so if you want you can finish the show in a week.


So, spend Thanksgiving with a real turkey of a show, if you dare!  ;D

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Your last chance to see "File.01: Collector" on the stream this year begins now!!


Who knows how long their deal for this show will last, but I guess it must be at least a 1-year deal!




You'll hear numerous references to the D.A.B.; it means "Dimensional Administrative Bureau!" You'd probably do well to remember that.




Hard to believe Mira and Kyoma started out as enemies!

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File.04: The Mystery Hidden In Lake Yasogami


What's funny is "Yasogami" spelled backwards is kinda "I'm a go say", which is ironically what that lady wanted to do in Episode 5 regarding the Coil.


Also, I'll bet these two goobers get in lots of drunken bar fights!




I also noticed Mira was apparently just fine to be Auto-Repaired to only 96.2%!


And I'll always wonder if this episode somehow inspired American Horror Story: Roanoke. You got the creepy-ass house with the blood moon and people mysteriously dying, though here it's by drowning!




The terror is even more real for robot girl!


Finally, Negan ain't got nothing on Morigana!



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Oddly enough, the android on the toilet pulled the show's biggest numbers: 1385K overall; 797K 18-49; and 537K 18-34, numbers One-Punch Man readily beat but at least so far JoJo and Gundam can only dream of surpassing!


So yeah, actually pretty much exactly what the viewing public wanted to see!


I will be covering the last 6 episodes a little later on this afternoon as the series streams two more times.

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