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Sunrise ditches legacy to fillate "The Man"


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After nearly 50 years in the anime game, award-winning anime studio Sunrise, known for launching the Gundam franchise, Love Live! franchise, producing classics such as Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Gintama, and so many more, will be going under a restructuring within Bandai Namco and lose its iconic name, becoming Bandai Namco Filmworks as of April 1, 2022. The new company name comes with a new logo, which is just the new logo of Bandai Namco, as will all companies in the group will use the same logo going forward (seen below)


The restructuring comes as Sunrise consolidates itself into White Base, a brand new office building where the entire anime production company will be under the same roof for the first time ever. All the Sunrise studios (which will come under the new Bandai Namco Filmworks name), Bandai Namco Pictures, and Sunrise Beyond started the move into the Ogikubo studio in October 2021, with Sunrise Music, a subsidiary of the studio, scheduled to move in sometime in June 2022.

What will be once known as Sunrise is merging with BANDAI NAMCO Rights Marketing, a division of Bandai Namco Arts who works on the video side of Bandai Namco Holdings to become Bandai Namco Filmworks. The "Sunrise" brand may continue past this date, but the company and all its assets will come under the new umbrella. Sunrise's Sunrise Music subsidiary will be merged with BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative and become Bandai Namco Music Live on April 1










The palpability of God's death falls like ashes on my tongue. This hast what thee receives for sending ignored prayers for Crossbone Gundam to an absent deity.

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