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Just watched Konosuba


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Well, I just got finished watching this show.  I decided to watch it on a whim after I saw this really funny clip, and also being feeling deprived by Toonami's lack of content over the past several months. 

Although did feel there was an outside chance for this show to air on Toonami now, since they are having to be less picky and go for some older series, but when I watched it and noticed how Aqua's ass is on display in almost every scene she's in, I realized that's a probably an impossibility! 

And wow, did I really have the wrong idea about this show.  The whole idea of someone dying and being sent to another world is DUMB and I want to slap whoever came up with it!  But, this show must not be one of the first in this genre, because it actually makes fun of that concept and basically all the other isekai tropes!  It's hilarious! 

Kazuma thought a truck was coming but it was really a tractor!  And didn't even die from getting hit, but from being scared! 

Of course the world is not the fun adventure Kazuma expected, and most stuff doesn't go by plan.  The characters are basically riding by the seat of their pants the whole time and succeeding in spite of themselves.  Although they do plenty of failing as well. 

I liked that Kazuma learned thief skills, since that is one of my favorite Final Fantasy jobs, but I never would have expected him to use it to steal panties! 

I love Darkness, she is like a perverted Erza if she couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with her sword! xD I thought it was hilarious she turned down her suitor because he was too much of a gentleman! xD Kazuma making Darkness do that stuff in the bath because he thought it was the succubus' dream has gotta be a legendary scene.

Interesting that the headless horseman general was saying he didn't have any depraved torture planned for Darkness, but then he ended being kind of a pervert anyway since he would roll his head under Wiz's skirt.  Then the recurring joke of him trying to get her to join him when Aqua's powers keep almost killing her!  xD

Aqua's followers being like Jehova's Witnesses on steroids was pretty funny, as was the fact slimes are one of the most deadly enemies in this world. xD

I kept wondering if big tough guy who kept commenting on the heroes' progress through the show (who is an interior designer or something and not even an adventurer xD) was really a god or someone more important than he seems.

And whoever said this wasn't a harem was right.  It really isn't, despite the cast make-up.  But, I think it is still catering to a similar demographic, or it wouldn't have all those girls in the show and all the fan service and perverted scenes.  Although, this show isn't really that crazy with that stuff. 

And something I did find sus, Megumin's age in the original web novels was 17, but was changed to a preteen in the light novels and anime.  So I have to wonder what the purpose behind that change was, and how this character was treated and used originally, before the age change. 

I am surprised there are just 22 episodes over 2 seasons.  I'd hoped it would be longer, since I was really enjoying it.  The second season came out in 2017?  Though apparently a movie came out in 2019.  I have been trying to figure out where to watch the movie but have not been successful.  I guess the output of the light novels must be pretty slow? 

And it makes sense now that the last episodes of both seasons were actually OVAs.  Although I'm not sure where the first OVA could fit even if it was moved in the timeline, since it seems to serve as an alternate introduction to Yunyun.

Kazuma's VA sounded very familiar, but when I looked him up, he doesn't have very many roles and isn't in anything else I watched, at least not as a major character.  Still, Arnie Pantoja's voice, or at least his performance as Kazuma, reminds me of somebody, but I can't think of who.  Also kind of odd that Christina Vee (Darkness) didn't play nearly as many characters I was familiar with as I thought.  Faye Mata as Aqua also sounded familiar, but looking at her work, the only other character she played that I knew was Yukako from JoJo (crazy stalker girl,) and I don't think she used a similar voice for that character.  I guess there must just be different archetypal voices for certain types characters, like high pitched whiny bitchy girl and constantly exasperated guy. xD

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