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I'm letting the attraction marinate


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First she ignores my message, then she comes visiting my profile last night, then next will be a message from her acting like everything's all fine and normal and she didn't blow me off, and I'll ignore that one and wait for her to send the desperation message about how she's sorry for not responding right away but she was busy with school/work/whatever, and that's when I'll just come in wearing my alpha male Zenigundam lone wolf warrior body armor, and I'll send a message that says, "Let's meet up this Friday. It'll be a lot of fun." and then I'll get her number and when we meet up, I'll go into SUPER alpha mode and say, "Why'd you ignore me? What do you take me for?" and then once she gets rattled, I'll work my magic and woo her with my charm, and then we'll have sex and she'll feel very much protected now that I've wiped away her insecurities and she isn't worried about me breaking down doors and chasing her around the hotel room over her ignoring my messages a few weeks ago.  <3

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