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How many mortgage payments can you make with $30k?

Sofa King Kule

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Don't answer that.

I just saw a tv program titled, "Locked Up Abroad".  It documents the travails of people who have been arrested in places outside the U.S.  

The featured person for this episode was in dire financial trouble and facing foreclosure.  She got involved with a gang that smuggled cocaine from Peru to Austria.  She made $30k in three months.  Then, she decided on one more trip and got busted.  She made that decision against her own better judgement, despite her knowledge of the American police having taken interest in her.  It was because she was still falling behind on her mortgage.  Had she followed her own second guessing, she would have been off scott free.  But, desperation wrecked it all.


So, what did she do with the money she had already gained?  How could that have not been enough to at least satisfy the past due amount on the payments?  As she unwound the story, she never mentioned where the money was spent in a three month time frame.

Easy come, easy go.


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