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Here is what they don't tell you about the Times Square New Year ball drop.

Sofa King Kule

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There are no port a potties.  No local business will let you use a rest room without a reservation or credit card.

When you see the crowd on TV, the camera angle won't show the hundreds of wooden stanchions that divide the crowd into narrow pens.  If you leave your place to use a restroom, you will be placed in a different pen when you return, so don't expect to stay with whoever you brought with you.  

The rowdy drunks in the crowd will piss, spit, vomit and throw things on you.  After the ball has dropped and police begin removing the stanchions, the criminals will begin working the crowd.  They watch in advance to see who has expensive jewelry, nice cameras, etc.  They follow their selected marks into the subway platforms and in less than an hour after midnight, the police are fielding hundreds of robbery or pickpocket reports.

So, watch the ball drop on TV and invite your favorite neighbors, friends and relatives over.  That's more fun and less hazardous.

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