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Rant about bad food or bad experiences with food/restaurants.




One I have is Roast Beef lunch meat. I like it, it's up there with my favorite lunch meats. However when in the hell did it become as expensive; if not more than a damn ribeye steak. When I was younger ergo 15 years ago roast beef was on average $4lb or $2lb on sale. Roast Beef and gravy sandwiches were a common dinner for us since it was cheap. Now it's $8.99lb, wtf! Ribeye right now is $7.99lb! It is outright cheaper to eat a good steak than it is to have a lunch meat sandwich. Did big deli just catch on one day that people like roast beef and jacked up the price?  I know it's been like this for years now, but other than price gouging it makes no sense.

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