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Headphone recommendations

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Was wondering about headphones that people here use and would recommend.

Right now I'm looking for headphones to wear when out and about, and not so much something I'd use when sitting down at my pc or whatever.

when it comes to headphones I'm very picky about them. When it comes to the typical ones that you mash into your ear I can't use those for more than 30-60 minutes without them hurting my ears. And when it comes to types that you'd wear on your head, I've had trouble finding a pair that doesn't feel like a vice grip against my head or ears. I've been having problems with my ears for the past several months, which is why I want something that's softer on them. Preferably Bluetooth.

There's this one pair of earphones I saw at my Micro center that Im in love with, it being the type that looks like sunglasses, and the way the speakers on that one works nothing is pressed against your ear or mashed into your ear, apparently the way those ones worked was they just sit on top of your ears like glasses would and it vibrated against your ear bone, it having crystal clear audio, where even though my ears weren't covered I couldn't hear much outside of them. The only issue with them is the fact them looking like sunglasses (with cheap plastic lenses instead of made of glass) and it'd be too inconvenient wearing sunglasses indoors, especially when at work where it'll make me stand out. So if anyone knows of earphones similar to that but not looking like sunglasses that'd be nice

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