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This place could use some fuggs fanfiction BAD

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Guest fuggaro

Keys to heart story.
M and B arrive outside.
B says, "That place is so hard to get into. Candy will never give me the keys no matter what I do..."
M: Keys? How antiquated...
B: What are you doing?
M: Im punching in the code...
B: Code?
M: Yeah, I hacked my way into this place years ago. Who needs keys? Come on in , I'll show you around.
B and M walk in. B is amazed at the surroundings. 
B: With all the people thatve been in here, I wouldn't think itd still be so cosy
M: well yeah theres been lots of different people but they don't come here often and few stay for very long. Definitely not as long as Ive been coming here.
They walk around a few rooms and start to walk back towards the entrance.
B: Wait, what about all those rooms towards the back?
M: I showed you the most interesting parts. No one has ever really gone further in. I have the code to go back there and I think I own a few of those rooms deeper inside but they don't really interest me  as much as the rooms ive shown you.
B: i think I wanna see those other rooms
M: LOL. Goodluck getting those keys
B: sunuvabitch!

C and Mgl arrive outside and pull out their keys.
Mgl: Who are you? Ive never seen you around here before
C Oh, don't worry about me. Im no one important..
M: But you have keys to this place?
C Yeah...but theyre old and not very good keys so sometimes they don't always work. 
C looks at Mgl's keys
C See? Your keys are mostly new and they are top of the line. Looks like you also have more keys than me...
Mgl looks at her keys: Yeah? You don't have these keys? I have them all. You don't have the wallet, house, friends or family keys?
C lol no. I only have the heart key, which I only got by accident, not officially..and the XXX key which is pretty worn down if you know what I mean.
M: ?? I don't. My XXX key is still pretty new but that maybe because I barely have time to use it
C I know, I heard...
M: What?!
C Nothing, forget I said that...

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