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Current Books Im reading right now

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Well i was reading Sundown Towns but it was too depressing. Its about towns that dont allow minorites in America and you would be surprised how many exist and how many of our elected officials come from these places. Yes, in 2019!

I bought Prince Lestat :Blood Communion after renting it from the library and having to return it in like 2 weeks because so many people have holds on it. So i just bought my own copy to read at my own leisure. Its really good and fun read but Anne Rice makes a mistake that I find myself making a lot by making the main character uber rich with no money worries lol but heck i do it too so i cant complain

Im reading most of the Love Languages books. I messed up and got the one for couples but still a good read. Im also reading Love Languages for Children and its amazing. Learning a lot. 

Now you know i gotta indulge in my trash novels.. lol 

on the way home I listen to urban books. They are all very similiar but still great entertainment on my commute. I just finished Prada Plan 4 and I put a hold on Prada Plan 5 audiobook and a hold on Prada Plan 6 physical book. Who knows when Ill read it lol

im returning sundown towns so i dont turn into an angry militant black woman lol!

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