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The U.K. Appreciation Thread

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In honor of our fallen comrade John Wetton, this an appreciation thread for the short-lived prog outfit U.K.


Most people know John Wetton as the voice from Asia, others know him from what is arguably the best King Crimson era, but not many know of U.K. The supergroup only lasted for two albums, both with totally different lineups. Their self-titled debut is considered highly influential among prog (and even metal musicians in terms of Allan Holdsworth's chord progressions and playing style on the LP) contained John Wetton on bass and vox, Bill Bruford on drums, Allan Holdsworth on guitar, and Eddie Jobson on keys and electric violin.




Their next album however would end up being their final. Danger Money, released a year later, contains an overhauled lineup that was downsized to a trio: John Wetton and Eddie Jobson remained in their posts but had to amp up their game to make up for a lack of Holdsworth, and Terry Bozzio replaced Bruford on the drum kit. While not as inventive or fresh as the debut, it's still an excellent album that even beats the debut in some places in terms of the songwriting and performances.




The group called it quits soon after. An underrated and overlooked gem in the history of Rock N' Roll.

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