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So the show has been cancelled for over a year...


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But I have beef with the Myth Busters...  There were a couple episodes on tonight...  Mostly from early seasons. On the episode where they tested if a bullet fired from a gun could end up in the cylinder of another gun...  I have beef with that. Adam Savage claimed that a 9mm fired from a Glock 17 is bigger than the bore of the cylinder of a Colt Police Positive revolver which is why they couldn't land a clean shot. That is factually inaccurate, the slug from a Glock 9mm is .003 inches smaller in diameter than the slug from a .38 special or a .357 magnum Furthermore when they set up the myth you could clearly see the "brass" from the fired shot from the .38 that caught the slug from the supposed 9mm. When they did the tests there was nothing to catch the slug it was a completely unloaded empty cylinder.


Furthermore on the same episode they tried to debunk the shot made by Carlos Hathcock, who in the Vietnam war personally shot and killed a couple hundred Vietcong with sniper shots with a scoped Winchester model 70...  The legend is that he shot a rival sniper through the scope and killed him. The beef I have with it is that the so called "myth busters" were using commercial hunting ammunition...  Hunting ammunition is purposely soft (filled with lead) so that it does the most damage to soft targets like flesh. In the military ammunition is purposely filled with materials that are hard like hardened steel, tungsten, or depleted uranium so that it can penetrate armor before killing the person behind cover. Using commercial makes the whole experiment pointless.


The same goes for the episode where they tested the effectiveness of water as a bullet resistant materiel....  Of course water will break lead. Test it against armor penetrating munitions...  I guarantee the results would be completely different.

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