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had a pretty weird dream


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was in like scotland or something

got into a fight with this host at a restaurant then asked her to ask some of the qties for their numbers for me

went walking with 2 of them and dropped some tic tacs and found holes on the ground that had money in them

it was dark af, so i just said lets go back, and i hear random talking

turns out the money belonged to these dudes and they were coming to beat the fuk outta me

i ran to the restaurant and then went back and jumped on table to punch the biggest one

i kept running to other places so they would have to catch up, and eventually got two knives but didn't want to use them cause one of the guys looked like morgan freeman

eventually somehow these dudes killed my family who was there and i was cornered in a small house, but luckily an fbi agent was also in the room

dunno what happened next, but i remember the dream ending with me running off into a different part of the restaurant.

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