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Sum up the previous poster's personality with a quote from a Movie or Tv show


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Game time with Sandy, episode one!


Describe as accurately as you can the personality of the poster above you using a quote from a Movie or Tv.




1. Use the @ tag to specify which poster you are referencing to avoid confusion.

2. Put the quote in a quote box and then below state what character said it and what media it is from.

3. Video clips and/or related Gifs can be used for extra credit.

4. Like other user's descriptions to give them points for the game.

5 Winner of the game is the user with the most total likes between all of their descriptions.

6. Posters can be described multiple times, but only once by a single poster.

7. Game will close to tally a winner when it has been inactive for at least one day (no posts).

8. Remember this is only a game and don't take jokes too personally, what's said in the game stays in the game.


I'll be first up for description. Have funsies :P


Edit: For clarification anime and foreign shows/movies do qualify for usage.

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