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Ringo Deathstarr


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A generic nu-gaze band made up of two faggot fuckbois and a harlot who sells nude photos of herself online. The female vocals sound like those girls who do english covers of anime songs on youtube and the male vocals sounds like the dude is trying way too hard to mimic Kevin Shields. Their first LP titled Colour Trip was kinda shitty except for like 3 songs. I could tell they were trying to copy early jangle-pop MBV and they couldn't pull it off well. Mauve was okay and Pure Mood wasn't bad.


They have a cool name and their music isn't that terrible, so I might go see them next time they come play at my city.

Anyways this has been the big man, Chris Mercer, and I'm always happy to see ya. I made Deathgrips popular all by myself lol fuck u. :fap: :painfap: :painfap: :painfap: I'm gonna go make Youtube videos about shitty Facebook memes for my audience of hipsters from p4k lol.


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