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Anyone want to buy a slightly used graphics card?


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The bullshit hoops I have to jump through in order to post it on Amazon aren't worth it, so I figure I'd try here.



It's good for any sort of media and with regard to gaming it works with the graphical settings toggled to the low end.  It was purchased for around the price listed on the website but I'd be willing to take $10 + shipping for it.  It's better than it sitting on the shelf.


It's only been used a couple weeks before the owner decided it wasn't needed anymore, so it's nearly new.  The original box isn't present but it has both standard and low profile brackets included.  The installation disc is gone but it wouldn't run properly for the original owner so they just went to the Nvidia website to download the appropriate drivers.  If need be I would be happy to assist anyone in that process. 


If you want it or you think anyone you know might make use of it please drop me a line.

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