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After watching Season 1 of Handmaids Tale - Review- Spoilers


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Meh. How good something is speaks to how relevant. I don't see it as very relevant.  There is no hint of widespread fertility problem in our lives. BUT it does speak to how men seem to think they have a say in what women should do with their bodies in relation to babies - there is that.

And it really does seem that the conservative right would love to exert such control over people like they did in the book. How people were willing to give up their freedoms for some semblance of order in a decaying society - yes - i would say there is some semblance of relevance there. But todays breeding society - i will do not think that in the real world - with as cynical people have become - they would care if birth rates pummeleted and if we were going extinct. look how much they care about global warming and things like bees - what most of our food relies on - going exinct. People simply do not care... i do not see people going to extremes to save the human race by sacrificing nearly every freedom they have and living in stifling terrible uncomfortable unnatural ways. And um i guess they never heard of ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION?? You know- and not raping women by the truckload. ??? Huh? Ever heard of it? Artificial insemination makes this whole show fall flat.


its just short sighted and doesnt have that knell of truth that most good media is supposed to have... so that people connect with it in real ways.

and it doesnt stay true to its own cannon. for instance... they are people around who will rat you out to the govt if you arent living a tight knit sacred life -right? and nick was an eye, right? nick had reported previous commanders, right? so why didnt he report commander wentworth for going to the jezebel place?? he had every reason to do it.. .especially since he was dragging his handmaid there - someone nick had feelings for. as an eye, if he was an eye - he would be duty bound to report it. maybe he didnt to keep the handmaid safe.. but i dont understand how a snitch could be so trustworthy and break all lthose rules and not say anything.



pros: great acting. especially with how unnatural and uncomfortable the dynamics of the story were. i bet everyone had to take a hot shower after being in that world all day.


cons: the story is a little bit hard to swallow. suspension of belief a little bit harder to muster.

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