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  1. That's cool! Unfortunately I haven't seen much of advertising around here, hopefully this run does well even with covid restrictions. The showing I went to wasn't too full so it felt pretty safe with distancing.
  2. Has anybody here seen this movie yet or plan on seeing it? I went last night and it's totally worth it to see on the big screen if you can do so safely. From a production standpoint it definitely felt like being made during the pandemic probably held it back from being as amazing as a ufotable movie can be, which is understandable giving the limitations they were probably under during early production. So having said that there are still some really amazing movie quality scenes throughout the film, but for the most part it's really like an extended episode of the series, which isn't a bad thing given how good the shows quality could be. I'd probably say the most glaring flaw if you could call it that is some of the cgi used for demons that really stands out compared to everything else but that's about it as far as i'm concerned. I won't spoil the plot details for anybody who hasn't gone yet, but the film starts right where the show left off and just goes on from there as you may expect. As far as character development, tanjiro and rengoku are really the ones spotlighted throughout, so seeing more of rengoku and his past was pretty interesting. I thought maybe inosuke and zenitsu would also be a little more fledged out but it was pretty much more of the same for their characters. We do get some more nezuko dialogue though so that was nice, I think abby trott does a great job as her voice considering the limitations of a muzzled character. The voice cast did a great job, I will say that the first meeting of rengoku in this movie is hilarious from a dub perspective. So to wrap it up, there's much of what you would find in the show throughout this film, action, comedy, tragedy, and strong family themes, so if you enjoyed the show it should be right up your alley. One more thing to point out is after seeing this I can totally understand why it was rated r here, there is definitely strong levels of violence towards the end that even though animated I get why they went that way rating wise.
  3. So I just finished watching and I definitely enjoyed it. For those who are wondering the dub cast from parts 4+5 reprise their roles in this, so if you enjoy that cast it's worth checking out. It's also a standalone story so you don't need any prior knowledge to see it. Here's a link to it if you wanna check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-LB1v4guo8
  4. Hey guys! Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that the Lupin the Third: Goodbye Partner special's english dub has been uploaded to TMS's official youtube channel for a limited time, I haven't watched it yet but I just stumbled across it and wanted to share. I know this just came out on blu-ray a few days ago so they are probably trying to promote the dub and release in general which is cool.
  5. For any of you late night owls here who haven't seen it yet, dbs: broly is premiering on starz tonight/tomorrow morning at 4:17 a.m. I have no idea why it's premiering at such a weird hour but I noticed it when I was checking my guide. So if you have starz it's definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. Of course being a premium channel it will probably be on demand too if you wanna watch at a more reasonable time too. For toonami only viewers this movie isn't gonna spoil anything as far as the tournament goes other than obviously the main cast are still alive lol. But thats really it, the sole focus is on the freiza/saiyan backstory which gets an update from what we've seen before and then the broly fight which is worth it for the animation alone! So just a heads up for you guys, enjoy!
  6. Yeah they do have a bunch of movies and tv shows too. There is a good selection of marvel and dc animated movies too. The only reason I found out about it was from an Anime News Network article not that long ago about them hosting some Aniplex shows but it seems like a pretty cool place. Plus there are no ads during the videos or anything at least as far as i've seen.
  7. No you can watch on your computer for free using the website, you only need to use the app if you're watching on your phone or a tablet. Just go to the site, find a video you want to watch, click it and it will bring you to the player.
  8. Yeah it's a neat little hidden gem. I only saw the series there though not sure about the movie.
  9. FadesToBlack


    Hey guys just an fyi for ya. The go90 streaming service has a bunch of anime titles streaming for free and in hd on their site or app. Apparently they are a free streaming service started by Verizon. Some of the titles i've found so far include: -Anohana -Blue Exorcist S1 -Durarara!! -Durarara!!x2 -Erased -Eromanga Sensei -Fate/Zero -FMA:Brotherhood -God Eater -Granblue Fantasy:The Animation -Gurren Lagann -Hell Girl S1-4 -Kill la Kill -Magi S1+2 -March Comes in Like a Lion -Night Head Genesis -Occultic;Nine -Puella Magi Madoka Magica -Ramen Fighter Miki -R.O.D the TV -Rurouni Kenshin -Silver Spoon S1+2 -Sword Art Online S1+2 -Your Lie in April They also have a decent backlog of movies and tv shows for a free streaming service so hopefully this is helpful to everybody!
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