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Default board theme is being reset to "Dark Don"


to change it to something else:  Profile>Look And Layout>Current Theme>Change>Select Desired Theme


here is why Dark Don:  it's the only theme that provides 100% functionality with the mods/plugins.


you can go into your profile and chose another theme if you prefer a different aesthetic BUT all the mods and board features will only work on Dark Don or Curve.


This isn't by design.  It's just how themes work with SMF.


almost all the themes aren't compatible with a large section of mods.


Dark Don isn't a particular aesthetic preference of mine.  I'm using it as the default theme because it's closest I can get to what I want while still maintaining full mod functionality.


we may be attempting to tweek the look of this theme as time marches on.  But for now it's the best we got I think. 

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