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Assblasted Star Wars "fan" drops script because he wasn't invited to Star Wars Galaxies grand opening (or something)

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Usually don't watch these guys that much; all they talk about is Star Wars and that gets old pretty quick. 

Skip to 3:05 for the part where this guy remembers he has a sack, and maybe even a soul for a brief moment; even if what he's getting mad about is mindbogglingly sad and pathetic, it's kinda nice to see this hollow corporate garbage get BTFOd as best it can by a professional shill having a fleeting crisis of identity and conscience. 


I guess you could say that this really "lifts the curtain" on these slimeball operations and just how corporate and calculated they are in general... but I think that's already obvious. 

Still kinda funny, although ultimately pointless. I've heard of Collider before but I don't read or watch their content because it reeks of sanctioned fanboyism and social engineering degrees. 

I legit lost shit when the other guy "host" raised his hand like he was in fucking middle school or something. 


So soulless and emasculating. I hope these guys at the very least break six figures a year or something. They money would have to be damn good to be in this particular line of work.

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