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As the UEMB turns...

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you may or may not have noticed that I haven't had time to post news and updates, that's because I've been busy with other stuff, and also because of issues with users and volunteers careening out of control.


Been thinking about all of it and here is the result of that stuff:


1.  If you have any issues with staff, let me know and I will look into it.


2.  If we have issues with you, we need to be able to talk to you.  So be open to that.


3.  we are having some issues with spambots.  Luckily, none have actually made it past registration.  But we're coming up with ideas to limit access to the board for such accounts.  haven't quite hit on the perfect solution yet.  But we'll be playing around with some stuff, including "invisible ranks" that are assigned that allow access to the board.  This is by no means fully functional or anything, but if you notice extra weird little ranks on your profile, don't delete those.  They may be "access/pass" type ranks.  Not even sure we'll end up needing to do anything with them, and I haven't finished assigning them.  But that's what they are if you happen to notice an extra rank on your profile (I think the only test one right now is "media bastard") don't worry about it, it's a test thing.


4.  Finally, I'll be updating the mod standards slightly again.  And will update the moderation thread in here soon.  The basic idea is:  we're sticking to spoiler tags/content warnings.  But, if a user isn't accepting the tag, and re-edits the post, we'll just delete the post.  Dumpster Fires has not been deleted, it's just off board for the moment, I may still bring it back.  If so, I'll try to clearly label it, maybe even restrict access to it somewhat?  not sure. 

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